Payment Policy

Quirky supports the following payment options:

1. Credit Card

2. Debit Card

3. Net banking

4. Wallets/UPI

No Hidden Fees With Us
Just so you know, there are absolutely no hidden charges with The price you see in your checkout summary is all that you'll pay. Simple, right?
Suspected Unexpected Charges?
Did you spot a charge on your credit or debit card from us, but you didn't make a purchase? It might be worth checking with family or colleagues who might have access to your card - perhaps they made the order?
Still don't recognize the charge? We're here to help. Please email us at about the unauthorized transaction within two weeks of it happening, then we can start investigating for you.
Issues With Payment
Run into trouble with the payment? Are you getting a failure notice? Here's a little tip: recheck all the information you provided. Make sure your account details, billing address, password (for net banking), and even your UPI id are all accurate.
Also, take a quick moment to check your internet connection - a disruption could also cause some hiccups with the payment process.

Heads Up About Debits and Returns
If you've experienced a payment hiccup and your account has been debited anyway, don't worry! The amount is typically bounced back to your account around 7 business days. If you'd like any more info about this, we're happy to help! Just shoot us an email at and include your order number.
Order Cancellations
We should let you know that once an order has been paid and confirmed, we're unable to accept cancellations. But fear not - if your item's on its way to you but hasn't arrived yet, it's still possible to cancel the order online. Once our courier brings back your original item, we'll start processing your refund straight away. Keep in mind though, we'll need to subtract any courier charges and transaction fees from your total refund.
If your order has been delivered, you won't be able to cancel it at this stage. Not all is lost though - you can follow the process of returning the product instead.

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